My Chamberlin line starts with Caroline Watson Chamberlin who married into my Furst line. This line of Chamberlins came to America in 1638 and settled in New England.

About the Name

From a paper in my notes:
“Up to the time that Col. William Chamberlain moved to Union County, Pennsylvania, the name was spelled Chamberlain from the position the family filled at the English Court of the office of chamberlain. After moving to Union County and engaging in the grist mill business the legend goes that in putting the name on the heads of the barrels of flour which in those days was burned in that Chamberlain was too long to put on the top of the barrel, so it was shortened to Chamberlin, cutting out the “a.” From that time on the name has been written Chamberlin.”

My Line

Henry Chamberlain (1592-1674)
..John Chamberlain (1633-1667) m. Ann Brown
…Henry Chamberlain (1659-1688) m. Ann West
….John Chamberlain (1688-1735) m. Rebecca Morris
…..Lewis Chamberlain (1712-1772) m. Lucretia Woolsey
……Colonel William Chamberlin (1736-1817) m. Mary Ann Kemble
…….Moses Chamberlin (1812-1902) m. Jane Hammond Watson Montgomery
……..Caroline Watson Chamberlin (1845-1936) m. Austin Owen Furst (1832-1906)
………James Chamberlin Furst (1882-1968) m. Mary Adele Harrar (1879-1968)

Chamberlain Origins

The progenitor of the name and family of Chamberlain in England was William, Count Tankerville of Normandy, who came into England with the Conqueror. he returned to Normandy but his sons remained and occupied the lands granted them.

John de Tankerville, Lord Chamberlain to King Henry I, was the first to assume his title of office as a surname and from him the family of the Chamberlain descended.

An hereditary office of great dignity and responsibility, the Lord Chamberlain officiates in all notable functions at the palace and in parliament. He is the “Keeper of the Keys” and Governor of the Court of Requests, having authority to issue invitations or refuse requests as he deems best.

The Lord Chamberlain is custodian of the great Sword of State and makes the choice of officer who is to bear this before the monarch, while he himself walks always on the right hand.

-from Chamberlin Family Papers in my collection

Chamberlain Coat of Arms

There are a bunch of different Chamberlain coats of arms. Here is one from my collection:

Chamberlain Coat-of-Arms

Chamberlain Coat-of-Arms


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