Chamberlin Family


Henry Chamberlain (1592-1674)
..John Chamberlain (1633-1667)
...Henry Chamberlain (1659-1688)
....John Chamberlain (1688-1735)
.....Lewis Chamberlain (1712-1772)
......Colonel William Chamberlin (1736-1817)
.......Moses Chamberlin (Nov. 12, 1812, in Hunterdon County, NJ - July 29, 1902, in PA)
........Caroline Watson Chamberlin m. Austin Owen Furst
.........James Chamberlin Furst (b. 1882) m. Mary Adele Harrar (b. 1879)

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Harry W. Chamberlin

From the Genealogical & Biographical Annals of Northumberland County, 1911.

HARRY W. CHAMBERLIN, of Milton, Northumberland county, president of the Milton National Bank, lawyer and present borough solicitor, is a member of the third generation of his family to reside in that place and most worthily bears a name which in every generation within memory has had notable representatives. In both his professional association and his relation to the bank he is practically the successor of his grandfather, W. C. Lawson, with whom he studied law and who was president of the Milton National Bank for many years from its organization. Thus, though he had many advantages of position and education, instead of the usual difficulties which confront the young man who cares to make a name for himself, he had to take up the burden of maintaining a standard already set. That he has proved himself able to do that and more his standing in professional and financial circles in Milton today, which is second to none, clearly shows.

Mr. Chamberlin was born Aug. 29, 1872, in Milton; son of William B. Chamberlin. His grandfather, Moses Chamberlin, was born in Union county, Pa., and his great-grandfather, William Chamberlin, was a native of New Jersey, born Sept. 25, 1736, in Hunterdon county. He was a lieutenant colonel in the New Jersey militia, and served as such in the Revolutionary war. Having a soldier's warrant, about 1792 he removed to Buffalo valley and purchased six hundred acres of land at what is Hoffa's Mill, in what is now Kelly township, Union county, where he lived in prosperity until his death. The original mill there was erected by his son William. He was a prominent member of the Baptist Church, and died Aug. 21, 1817.

William Chamberlin was four times married. On June 8, 1758, he married Elizabeth Tinbrook, who was born Aug. 23, 1740, and died April 29, 1770. This union was blessed with the following children: Lewis, born April 16, 1759, who was killed by a cannon-ball at the battle of Germantown, while on a visit to his father (his knee was shot away, and in that day of primitive surgery the injury necessarily proved fatal); Nellie, born Sept. 13, 1761, who died July 3, 1817; Ann, born April 18, 1763; a daughter, born Nov. 12, 1764, who died Dec 19, 1764; Lucretia, born Dec. 20, 1765, who died Jan. 19, 1841; John, born April 10, 1768, who died May 5, 1770; and William, born April 20, 1770, who died May 5, 1770. On March 3, 1771, Colonel Chamberlin married (second) Ann Park, who was born in 1762 and died April 29, 1791, the mother of four children: Uria, born June 21, 1783, who died Feb. 4, 1853; Elizabeth, born May 22, 1785 (Elizabeth McCrary died March 22, 1827); Aaron, born May 24, 1787, who died Jan. 12,1856; and Rachel, born Sept. 16, 1789, who died April 9, 1791. The Colonel's fourth marriage on Aug 16, 1794, was to Ann Mary Kemble, who was born Nov, 28, 1769, and died March 4, 1859. She came of an old family, of considerable standing, and was on terms of friendship with George Washington, Washington Irving and other people of note. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church and a devout student of the Bible, many chapters of which she committed to memory. She was the mother of eight children, namely: Lawrence, born Aug. 4, 1795, who died in 1802; John, born Feb. 8, 1797, who died April 18, 1858; James, born Sept. 30, 1798, who died Aug. 30, 1801; Lewis K., born April 4, 1803, who died Aug. 10, 1889; Mary F., born Sept. 29, 1804, who died April 3, 1865; Joseph P., born Sept. 18, 1806, who died Feb. 13, 1873; James D., born Oct. 29, 1809, who died Oct. 11,1886; and Moses, born Nov. 12, 1812. William Chamberlin, eldest son of William by his second wife, married Nellie Sutphen, who was born Nov. 11, 1771, and they had children born as follows: Anna, July 15, 1793; Mary, March 19, 1795; John, Sept. 1, 1796; Nelly, March 23, 1798; John, Dec. 31, 1799; Sarah, Feb. 12, 1802; Lillen, Jan. 22, 1804; William, May 3, 1808; Lucretia, June 15, 1810; Aaron, Sept. 12, 1812.

Moses Chamberlin, son of Colonel Chamberlin, was born Nov. 12, 1812, in Union county, Pa., the youngest of his father's twenty-three children. He was reared on the paternal homestead and received his education in the typical schools of the period. When twenty years old he went to Lewisburg where he served a three years' apprenticeship at the tanner's trade, which, however, was never his principal business. In 1833 he removed to Milton, where he had a long and prosperous business career. He was a merchant, and also enraged in milling, lumbering and farming, continuing his active life until 1874, after which he lived retired. Besides conducting these various enterprises he purchased land and laid out what is known as the Chamberlin addition to Milton, and also laid out and sold the land upon which Watsontown is situated. His long and useful life ended July 29, 1902. Though busy with his personal affairs he found time to serve in several borough offices and also to be an active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which he served in many official capacities, being trustee, recording steward, class-leader, Sunday school superintendent, etc. He was a Republican in political sentiment.

In 1835 Moses Chamberlin married (first) Mary Ann Corry, daughter of George Corry, of Milton, and to this union were born two children, Elizabeth H. (widow of William Follmer, of Watsontown) and Mary A. Mrs. Chamberlin died Aug. 15, 1838, and in 1840 Mr. Chamberlin married (second) Mrs. Jane Hannah (Watson) Montgomery, daughter of John Watson, of Watsontown. Six children were born to this marriage, viz.: William B.; Harriet, deceased; Caroline W., Mrs. A. O. Furst, of Bellefonte; Mary Jane, deceased; James, of Harrisburg; and Frank, an attorney of Milton. William B. Chamberlin, son of Moses, was born Dec. 19, 1841, at Milton, Pa. For years he has been one of the notably successful business men of the upper end of the county, having been from 1867 to 1885 engaged in the lumber business at Northumberland as junior member of the firm of Chamberlin, Frick & Co. In 1885 he became connected with the Reid Tobacco Company, of Milton, of which corporation he is vice-president and he makes his home in the borough, where the business with which he is identified ranks among the most important concerns. He married Margaret Sanderson Lawson, daughter of W. C. and Hannah (Sanderson) Lawson, and they have had three children, all sons, namely William L., a mining engineer, now located at Scranton, Pa.; Harry W.; and James S., who is connected with the American Car & Foundry Company of Manchester, England.

Harry W. Chamberlin attended the public schools of Milton, graduating in 1887, after which he became a student at Lafayette College, from which institution he was graduated in 1892. He read law with his maternal grandfather and was admitted to the Bar of Northumberland county in 1895, since which time he has been continuously engaged in legal practice, occupying the same office which his grandfather had. His patronage has been steady and lucrative from the beginning, and the able manner in which he handles legal work has drawn a high class of such business to him. His inherited and developed talent for the profession, and his accomplishments in special cases, entitle him to a place among the most skillful lawyers of his day in his section. On Oct. 29, 1903, Mr. Chamberlin married Miriam A. Bucher, daughter of, ex-Judge Joseph C. Bucher, of Lewisburg, Union Co., Pa., and his wife, Mary (Walls), daughter of Judge Walls. Mr. Chamberlin's grandfather was Rev. Joseph C. Bucher, D. D., a well known clergyman of the Reformed Church. Mr. Chamberlin is a high Mason, holding membership in Milton Lodge, No. 256, F. & A.M.; Warrior Run Chapter, No. 246, R.A.M., of Watsontown, Pa.; Mt. Hermon Commandery, No. 85, K.T., of Sunbury; Williamsport Consistory, A.A.S.R., and Irem Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S., of Wilkes-Barre. He is also a member of the Zeta Psi fraternity, and an active member of the Presbyterian church. In political preference he is a Republican.


Moses Chamberlin

Moses Chamberlin's obituary appeared in the Milton Standard on 7/29/1902. Below is a transcription of the obituary and further down you will find a scan of the newspaper.

Moses Chamberlin
Death of One of Milton's Oldest and Most Revered Citizens
He Was A Grand Old Man.
His Death From Heart Failure Occurred at Half-Past Eight O'clock This Morning--A Remarkable Family History--Funeral on Thursday Afternoon at Four O'clock.

Moses Chamberlin, one of Milton's oldest and most honored and respected citizens, died at his home on N'th Front street, this morning at half past eight o'clock, in the 90th year of his age. On Sabbath evening he had an attack of heart failure, but yesterday he appeared to rally again. During last night he began to sink and the end came at the hour indicated. His funeral will take place from his late residence on Thursday afternoon at four o'clock.

Mr. Chamberlin had a remarkable family history. He was born in Union county November 8, 1812, and has been a resident of Milton for seventy years. He was a son of Colonel William Chamberlin of Revolutionary fame, and was the youngest of twenty-three children. His ancestors were French Huguenots. His great grandfather left France about 1665 and settled in London. After the great fire in 1666, the family removed to Ireland and about the beginning of the next century his grandfather with two other brothers came to this country and located in Hunterdon county, New Jersey, where William Chamberlin the father of the subject of this sketch, was born on September 25, 1786. During the Revolutionary War Colonel Chamberlin distinguished himself for his bravery and courage and his loyalty to the cause of independence. He commanded the Second New Jersey Regiment at the Battle of Germantown in October, 1777, and his oldest son Lewis, a half brother to the deceased, was killed in that engagement. Mr. Chamberlin has for many years enjoyed the distinction of being the only man living who had a brother killed in the Revolutionary war.

In 1791 Colonel Chamberlin moved from New Jersey to the "western country," buying a large tract of land in the Buffalo valley in Union county, where he lived until his death in 1817. Here Moses Chamberlin was born, during the second war with England and while the great Napoleon was making and unmaking empires in Europe. At the age of twenty he went to Lewisburg and served an apprenticeship of three years at the tanner's trade. He came to Milton in 1833 and engaged in the mercantile business and in 1835 was married to Miss Mary A. Correy, daughter of George Correy, of Milton. Mrs. Chamberlin died in 1838, leaving one child, a daughter, who was afterwards Mrs. Elizabeth Follmer, and whose death occurred at Watsontown a few weeks ago. In 1840 Mr. Chamberlin married Jane H. Montgomery, daughter of John Watson, of Watsontown, by whom he had six children, four of whom survive him, William B. and Frank, of this place; James I., of Harrisburg, and Mrs. A.O. Furst, of Bellefonte. Mr. Chamberlin was actively engaged in business, milling and lumbering, until 1874 when he retired.

Moses Chamberlin was a remarkable man. Although a delicate boy, when he grew to manhood he possessed a wonderfully strong and robust physique. He had an unerring memory, was a close observer and a great reader. In spite of his four score and ten years his mind was as clear as the average man of forty. He was a most entertaining conversationalist and his fund of reminiscences and his view of public men and on public questions that belong to the nation's history during the first half of the last century, were most interesting. He was an independent thinker and always had an opinion that was based upon his own views and convictions. He was a life-long member of the Methodist church and a liberal contributor to the church and benevolence. His last gifts to his church were the cushions for the seats in the auditorium, and the new bell.

The death of this grand old man removes another link that binds the present with several generations of the past. The vast scope of this long life is brought to mind, when we recall that he has lived contemporaneous with twenty-one of the twenty-five presidents of our country and that for seventy years he has been an observing voter.

Moses Chamberlin Obituary

William Hayes Chamberlin

William Hayes Chamberlin (JOHN8, WILLIAM COL.7, LEWIS6 CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN5, HENRY4, JOHN3, HENRY2, CHRISTINE1) was born March 14, 1828, and died August 10, 1876 in Danville, Pennsylvania. He married EMILY BERRYHILL BEAVER January 01, 1863, daughter of THOMAS BEAVER and ELIZABETH WILKINS. She was born October 04, 1840, and died July 31, 1899 in Atlantic City New Jersey.


i. JESSE10 CHAMBERLIN, b. March 06, 1864; d. July 09, 1869, Danville, Pennsylvania.
ii. WILLIAM BEAVER CHAMBERLIN, b. August 02, 1865; d. WFT Est. 1898-1956; m. ALICE LESLIE REA, December 16, 1891, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; b. January 26, 1865; d. WFT Est. 1897-1959.
iii. THOMAS BEAVER CHAMBERLIN, b. October 12, 1866; d. May 05, 1867.
iv. JOHN BEAVER CHAMBERLIN, b. June 09, 1868; d. September 09, 1868.
v. ELIZABETH CHAMBERLIN, b. June 04, 1870; d. WFT Est. 1908-1965; m. JOSEPH SEAMAN LOCKWOOD, January 01, 1903; b. WFT Est. 1853-1883, San Antonio, Texas; d. WFT Est. 1908-1968.
vi. MARY CHAMBERLIN, b. August 08, 1871; d. WFT Est. 1914-1966; m. OLIVER HART BRONSON, May 26, 1909, "Devon" Torresdale, PA; b. WFT Est. 1857-1889; d. WFT Est. 1915-1974.
vii. EMILY CHAMBERLIN, b. October 25, 1872; d. WFT Est. 1904-1966; m. G. P. MARQUIS, December 06, 1899; b. WFT Est. 1850-1879, Chicago, Illinois; d. WFT Est. 1904-1964.
viii. LAURA CHAMBERLIN, b. May 10, 1875; d. WFT Est. 1904-1969; m. WILLIAM DEWOLF DIMOCK, April 21, 1898, 3905 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA; b. WFT Est. 1850-1878, Bristol, RI; d. WFT Est. 1903-1964.