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Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, Reading, PA (2)
Postcards from Reading, PA, a city in Berks County, in southern Pennsylvania. These are free to use in school projects or other works.
Gettysburg is in Adams County, Pennsylvania. These postcards are in the public domain so you may use them in any way you like.
Some Berwick, Adams County, Pennsylvania postcards. These are all in the public domain so you may use them in any way you like.
School Slate Factory, Slatington, PA
These are from my postcard collection. You may use these any way you like. I have higher res versions if you need it for printing or publishing. My Slatington ancestors were the Labars, Jesse and his daughter Laura, who married into the Straub family.
Scene Along Lower Spring Creek, Bellefonte, PA
From my collection of Bellefonte, PA, postcards. You may use these any way you wish. For information about the town, please visit my blog post called “Bellefonte, Centre County, PA.”
Fourth St, Williamsport, PA
My genealogy research has led me to Williamsport, PA, in search of ancestors by the name of Furst, Aitken, and Harrar, particularly the following: Aitken, Elizabeth Rebecca (). Res: 1880 to burial in 1925 Furst, James Chamberlin (). Marr: 30 Apr 1913 Furst, John Shuman (). Marr: 04 Feb 1898; Res: 1900; Age: 24; Marital …