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Unidentified Daguerreotype from AM #1671
The first mystery photo is from a locket that my grandmother had in her possession. I had never seen it while she was alive; if I had, I would have asked her who it was. Darn it! My aunt and I assume that this is someone from the LeBlond or Blomberg line but that’s just …
Unidentified Home
We’ve all got them. Moldering in the attic, orphaned in a drawer, tucked in with yellowing, handwritten letters. Yes, I’m talking about those family mystery photos that we can’t identify, whether a portrait, family picture, vacation photo or, in my case, shots of unidentified homes. I’m posting mine here in the hope that someone might …
1596 Unidentified Woman
Found these in a folder marked, “Greenville, PA” and “Meadville, PA”. She could be a member of the Fay or Wells family, or a related line. If you know this woman, please leave a comment below, thanks. Stamped in red ink on back: “Duplicates of this photograph $1.00 each / or 6 for $5.00 / …
Unidentified Woman
I found this in my box of Fay photos so I know it must be from the Fay line or possibly the Wells line. If you know this person, please leave me a comment! I’d also love to be able to narrow down the time frame – maybe the 1930’s, based on the clothing?