The first mystery photo is from a locket that my grandmother had in her possession. I had never seen it while she was alive; if I had, I would have asked her who it was. Darn it! My aunt and I assume that this is someone from the LeBlond or Blomberg line but that’s just a guess.

Possibly a LeBlond or a Blomberg ancestor…

Number two is a daguerreotype that came down through the family, also sadly free of identification.

Unidentified Daguerreotype from AM #1671

Unidentified Daguerreotype from AM #1671

Again, no clue. However, we do have a time frame. Daguerreotypes were made from 1840 until 1860, when they were largely replaced by cheaper photographic processes. They tended to be expensive, so the subjects were usually of the well-to-do sort.

If you know who these guys are, please leave a comment.