From The LeBlond Book by C.T. Courtney Lewis, page 98:

Six children and a dog are in the kitchen, but grandpa and all other evidence of control are absent. One boy, seated on a stool in the centre, is sampling a cigar; another, on the table on the right, is trying grandpa’s ‘church-warden’ pipe; and the girl of the party, like most of her sex, seems a great admirer of bravery, and is applauding their courageous deeds; and of what heroic a nature they are we obtain some indication by the suffering of the lad on the left, who seems alike far beyond appreciation of her feelings or expression of his own. This makes a nice companion to No. 111. The print is signed on the bottom left centre.

Grandfather's Pipe, LeBlond Oval Print

Grandfather’s Pipe, LeBlond Oval Print