Catherine Tandrop

Catherine Tandrop


Catherine Tandrop married a man sixteen years her senior, Wilhelm Clement Theodor Blomberg, on July 11, 1863.


  1. Fanny Thora Blomberg. Married Walter Palm.
  2. William Theodore Blomberg. Married Lillian Morecraft.
  3. Harry Charles Blomberg. Married Florence.
  4. Eleanor “Ella” Anna Blomberg. Married Robert LeBlond.
  5. Cordelia Marie “Cora” Blomberg. Married Ernest Roden.

In the 1860’s families were fortunate if their children lived to maturity. Of the eight children born to Kate and Wilhelm, only five survived. Kate’s first child, a daughter born on February 25, 1865, was named Frances Thora. She then gave birth to Matilda Caroline and Emma Wilhelmine, both of whom lived for one and three years, respectively. Her eldest boy, William Tandrop Blomberg, was born in 1872 followed by Henry Charles and Elinora Anna “Ella” Blomberg in 1874 and 1877. The next child, a daughter was born on October 7, 1880, and lived only one day. Thus, having lost three children, it must have been with some trepidation that Kate, at the age of 37, faced her last pregnancy, and after delivering a healthy Cordelia Marie “Cora” Blomberg in 1882, must have anxiously watched her youngest daughter daily for signs of sickness. I imagine she was thankful and relieved when it became clear that Cora would survive.


Catherine “Kate” had a stroke in 1918, then a series of strokes, but with not too much damage. Late in life, she became unable to control her speech and occasionally would blank out. As an older woman, she was very quiet and was considered dull to younger people. She did little household duties such as darning, shelling peas. She was a sentimental woman. She lived alternatingly with Ella and Cora until her death. She died in Cincinnati on August 1937, almost 92 years of age.