My line of Straubs (variously spelled as Straup and Stroup) were of German origin, emigrating to America in the 1700’s and settling in Lehigh and Northampton County, PA. As Moravians, they were members of one of the Protestant groups that was formed in the 1600’s as a response to what they saw as the corruption of the Catholic Church. They probably lived in the southwestern area of Germany known as the Palatinate (today Bavaria). This region was subject to many problems: war, weather, religious quarrels, etc.. The promise of cheap land and a chance at a new life convinced many Palatines to emigrate. Many came to Pennsylvania, where they knew of William Penn, who had toured the Rhine Country shortly before receiving the royal charter for Pennsylvania in 1681. He offered to sell 100 acres of land for two English pounds.

My Line

Theobald Straub (Abt. 1770-1844) m. Margaret Bloss
…David Straub (1802-1880) m. Maria
……Levi Straup (1829-1898) m. Leah Boyer (1828-1894)
………David Walter Straub (1855-1921) m. Laura Labarre (1858-1925)
…………Mabel Labarre Straub (1878-1944) m. Edward Franklin Farquhar (1883-1960)
……………Bruce Straub Farquhar (1910-1973) m. Katherine Elizabeth LeBlond (1910-2002)

Straub Biographies

Straubs/Stroups in Records

Salisbury Township 1762 tax list lists a Straup
1790 census has a David Stroup living in Upper Saucon township, Lehigh County, PA. Listed is one free white male of 16 and up, two free white males under 16, and one free white female.
1850 census has a David Straub in lower Towamensing
1841 a David Straub was a school director of Lower Towamensing
The 1843-4 assessment roll of Lower Towamensing lists a David Straup as a farmer owning 96 acres.

Straubs/Stroups in the Revolutionary War

Barnet Stroup – The Revolutionary War Muster Rolls of Northampton County, PA list a Barnet Stroup, Pvt 1st 2nd 7/9/1776, mustered 8/6/1776 at Amboy.

Henry Straup – Private, Company of Captain John Arndt, Baxter’s Battalion. Killed or taken prisoner at Fort Washington, November 16, 1776. From “History of the Counties of Lehigh and Carbon” by Alfred Mathews and Austin N. Hungerford. Philadelphia: Everts & Richards, 1884, page 13-14.

South Easton Borough (towns of Cedarville, Seitzville, Snufftown), Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 1890 Census:

Straub Anthony, peddler–May. 218 Nesquehoning
Straub Thomas P, wire drawer–Elmira, Arthur, stenographer, Allen, bookkeeper. 433 Berwick

Straubs appearing on the assessment roll of Lower Towamensing Township, Carbon County, PA in 1843-44:

Charles Straup, carpenter
David Straup, farmer, 96 acres
Emanuel Straup, carpenter

From History of the Counties of Lehigh and Carbon, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by Alfred Mathews and Austin N. Hungerford. Philadelphia: Everts and Richards, 1884. Winterthur Library F157.L52m. Page 764.

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