This information was provided to me by Joanne (Dyer) Fekete . I do not have further information on Charles so please contact Joanne directly if you are interested in this Labar.

Here is the family Bible Record for Charles D. LABAR and Charity JENNINGS of Upper Mt. Bethel Township, Northampton Co., PA. Please note that they spelled their names Labar.

charles d labar family bible record 1

Charles D. Labar Family Bible Record 1

charles d labar family bible record 2

Charles D. Labar Family Bible Record 2

Charles D. LABAR born Feb 25, 1824, baptized May 16, 1824, died April 19, 1905.

Charity JENNINGS born Oct. 15, 1825, married April 4, 1846, died December 6, 1889.

Children of Charles D. Labar and Charity Jennings:

John LABAR b. Dec 22, 1846, bap. Apr.20, 1847.
Hanah Minerva LABAR b. Aug 9, 1848, bap. Oct 8, 1848. She is aka Minerva LABAR who m. John C. GRONER.
Mary E. LABAR b. June 16, 1850, bap. Mar 8, 1851.
Leveza LABAR b. July 10, 1852, bap. Aug 23, 1852, d. Sept. 7, 1852.
Margaret Ann LABAR b. Aug 26, 1863, bap. by the Reverent Mr. Lubkert, Minister of the Lutheran Church on Aug 28, 1864.
Susan LABAR b. Aug 26, 1865, bap. by Rev B. F. Apple on Sept 27, 1865.

This is what I know about Hanah Minerva LABAR:

She married John C. Groner (Apr. 2, 1840-Feb. 13, 1904) and had many children, including Rosa Ellen GRONER b. July 28, 1876 d. Jan. 1937. Rosa Ellen GRONER m. Albert WARRICK (1869-1923). All are buried at the East Bangor Cemetery, Rte 512, East Bangor, PA. Rosa and Albert WARRICK had six children, and I am a descendant of their daughter, Muriel Groner WARRICK (May 4, 1912-Aug. 19, 1992) who married Frederic DeForrest HUNT (Jul. 23, 1908-Apr. 18, 1986).

I have more information about some of the descendants of Hanah Minerva LABAR, but I am searching for more information, too. Please contact me if you are a descendant of Hanah Minerva LABAR and John C. GRONER.

Ancestors of Charles D. Labar:
(this info contributed by Mrs. Elwood C. LaBar):

Charles D. Labar b. Feb 25, 1824, baptized May 16, 1824, d. April 19, 1905
….. Daniel LaBar b. Apr. 12, 1777 d. Mar. 28, 1853 married Elizabeth Hess
………. Abraham LaBar b. 1752 married Anna Maria (nee?)
…………… Abraham LaBar b. 1730
………………..Abram Labar

Abram, Peter & Charles LaBar (I believe brothers) came from France circa 1725.

Siblings of Charles D. Labar b. Feb. 25, 1824
(this info from, Ancestry World Tree):

Rebecca LaBar
Mary Magdelena LaBar
Conrad LaBar
William LaBar
Susan LaBar
Henry Labar
Sarah LaBar

The aforementioned are LaBars from Northampton County, Pennsylvania. There are A LOT of them in this region!

I have another LaBar in my line also:
Sarah A. LaBar (I have no date of birth/death), married Josiah “Jesse” Groner
b. 1817 d. Sept 1, 1893. Their son, John C. Groner, married Hanah Minerva
Labar b. Aug. 9, 1848 (daughter of Charles D. and Charity Labar).

–Joanne (Dyer) Fekete