Josiah Hurt was born about 1771 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. His ancestry:

William Hurt, Senior (1628-1704)
…John Hurt (1655-1722)
……William the elder (1680-1749) m. Anne Stennard
………William Hurt (1707-1795) m. Rachel
…………Benjamin Hurt (c.1746-c.1796) m. Judith Forrest (c.1749-c.1803)
……………Josiah Hurt (c.1771-1818) m. Elizabeth Young

About Jan 2, 1796, Josiah married Elizabeth Young, born about 1775 in Prince Edward County, the daughter of Henry Young. Josiah died about January 15, 1818. Elizabeth is buried in Robertson County Tennessee.

Josiah is buried in Mt. Juliet Cemetery, Mt. Juliet Tennessee. He was originally buried in the Hurt Family Cemetery, but was moved when the State of Tennessee built Percy Priest Dam. Elizabeth is buried in Springfield Tennessee at Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery.

Josiah Hurt’s Will

Josiah Hurt deceased Inventory Recorded February 25, 1818

January 15th, 1818. A list of goods and chattels of the estate of Josiah Hurt deceased. 109 acres of land, 1 black woman and three children, 9 head of cattle, 3 horses, 11 head of hogs, 3 beds and furniture, 1 loom and harness, 2 bradsxteds, 1 cupboard, 2 chests, 2 pair of cards, 2 flat irons, 17 pewter plates, 2 pewter dishes, 6 knives forks, 1 pot, 1 kettle, 2 ovens, 1 skillet, 6 chairs, 2 spinning wheels, 2 pair of drawing chains collars and haims, 2 ploughs, 4 axes, 1 frow, 1 mans saddle and bridle, 1 rifle gun and shot pouch, some shoe making tools, too tedious to mention, 1 drawing knife, 1 water can, 3 Augers, 1check reel, 1 ___ & ____, 2 salt tubs, 1 spice mortar, 6 crop of corn and fodder, 2 bee hives, 1 grubbing hoe, 1 coopers cross, 1 pair composes, 1 pair sheep shears, 5 head of sheep that is lost or strayed off, 12 pewter spoons, 1 small pewter basins and number of trifling articles too tedious to mention. Given under my hand the 19th January 1818

Elizabeth Hurt State of Tennessee Davidson county court January session 1818. The above inventory of the estate of Josiah Hurt deceased was returned into court by Elizabeth Hurt administrator and ordered to be recorded.

Josiah Hurt Dec. Division Recorded April 6, 1835

We the undersigned commissioners appointed by the county court of Davidson at October session 1834 for the purpose of dividing the personal property of Josiah Hurt dec. met at the house of Mrs. Elizabeth Hurt valued and divided the following named negroes fourteen in number among twelve distributors (viz) Mrs. Elizabeth Hurt, Benjamin Hurt for himself and Benjamin Hurt assigns of John Castleman, John Hurt, William Hurt, Josiah Hurt, John Wright, Elisha Wilson, John Binkly, Forrester Hurt, Sandifer Hurt and Henry Hurt. ( Names of negroes and valuation) Hatty valued at $300.00 Western Do at 225.00 Randal Do at 550.00 Sealy Do at 100.00 Julia Do at 450.00 Emmy Do at 450.00 Jenny Do at 450.00 Amanda Do at 250.00 Hezziah Do at 450.00 Edmund Do at 150.00 Robert Do at 400.00 Nelson Do at 150.00 Stephen Do at 350.00 Rhoda Do at 225.00 Amt. in all total $4500.00
Between 12 legates $375.00 Makes this sum due to each and of the twelve distributes.

Benjamin Hurt drew Randel valued at $550.00 Benjamin Hurt assigns of John Castleman drew also Julia valued at $450. John Binkley drew ___ Emmy valued at $450. William Hurt drew Jenny valued at $450. Josiah Hurt drew Hatty and Sealy valued at $400. John Wright drew Robert valued at $400. Mrs. Elizabeth Hurt drew Hezziah valued at $450. John Hurt drew Stephen valued at $350. Sandifer Hurt drew Western valued at $225. Forrester Hurt drew Nelson valued at $150 and Edmond valued at $150. Elisha Wilson drew Rhoda valued at $225. Henry Hurt drew Amanda valued at $250. We passed the notes of those who took now in the division to _______ of the legaters who took less until they were all made equal in regard of the division of the negroes _____ was also do sided at the same some upwards of two hundred dollars in notes equally among all the distributors. Given under our hands this the 15th December 1834. Commissionars: James B. William Samuel Steale John ______272

The estate record is found in Vol. 10, part 2, page 495 (1832-35) Davidson County, Tennessee. His property is shown as being divided on 15 Dec 1834 with heirs listed as his widow Elizabeth, Benjamin Hurt for himself and as assignee of John Carleman (sic) (Casselman – Martha married a John Casselman), John Hurt, William Hurt, John Wright (husband of Judy), Elisha Wilson (husband of Sarah), John Binkley (husband of Elizabeth), Forrester Hurt, Sandifer Hurt and Henry Hurt.

Descendants of Josiah Hurt

Submitted by Dollie Blazek.

Josiah and Elizabeth Hurt’s Children

*Benjamin Hurt-m-Elizabeth Castleman
John Hurt-m-Jane Wright
William Hurt-m-Miriah Brown
Josiah Hurt Jr. -m-Mary Baker
Henry Hurt-m-Elizabeth Wright
Forrester Hurt-no more information
Sandifer Hurt-no more information
Elizabeth Hurt-m-John Binkley
Judith Hurt-m-John Wright
Martha Hurt-no more information
Sarah Hurt-m-Elisha Wilson

Benjamin Hurt was born March 19, 1800 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Castleman on November 15, 1821, in Davidson County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of John Castleman Jr. and was born October 13, 1802. Aside from being a farmer, Benjamin was the postmaster at the Stewart’s Ferry post office in Donelson Tennessee. The Castleman Family was instrumental in helping to discover Nashville and also in defending Nashville in the Indian wars. Benjamin died February 15, 1859 and Elizabeth died in 1868. They had nine children.

Benjamin and Elizabeth Hurt’s Children

Ira Hurt (b 1825)-m-Missouri Obrient
*John Hurt (b 1 828)-m-Martha Buchanan Wright
Laura Hurt(b 1829)-m-Samuel Wright
Joseph Hurt (b 1831 )-m-Margaret Marsh
Sarah Hurt (b 1835)-m-Alfred Wright
William Hurt (b 1837)-no more information
Benjamin Hurt jr. (b 1839)-no more information
Almeda Hurt-no more information
Milton Hurt-m-Florida Hays

John Hurt was born January 27, 1828 in Davidson County Tennessee. He married Martha Buchanan Wright on January 10, 1853 in Davidson County Tennessee. She was the daughter of William Harper Wright and Polly Steele Wright. She was born March 3, 1833. John died September 4, 1913 and Martha died December 22, 1917. Both are buried in Mt. Juliet Cemetery in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. They had nine children.

John and Martha Hurt’s Children

Mary Jane Hurt(b 1854)-m-George Benson
Almeda Hurt (b 1851)-m-Pleasant Binkley
Sarah Porter Hurt (b 1857)-m-E. W. McWhirter
Morgan Hurt (b 1861)-m-Marnie Chandler
Martha Mattie Hurt (b 1864)-m-Will Wright
Benjamin Lewis Hurt (b 1865)-m-Daisy Johnson
James Hurt (b 1869)-m-Helen Leake
*Thomas Henry Hurt (b 1872)-m-Katie Lee Gleaves
Maggie Hurt-died in infancy

Thomas Henry Hurt was born in August 1872. On September 17, 1892 he married Katie Lee Gleaves. She was the daughter of William Carroll Gleaves and Delilah Baker Gleaves. She was born in May 1877 in Davidson County Tennessee. Thomas died in 1926 and Katie died during childbirth in 1904. Both are Buried in Clements Cemetery in Hermitage, Tennessee. They had 5 children. The child Katie was having when she died did not survive.

Thomas and Katie Hurt’s Children

*Virgil Edmond Hurt-m-Anna Jessie Naomi Blazer
Almeda Gertrude Hurt-m-Clifford Pride
Brucie Johnson Hurt-m-James Kay
Herman Hardison Hurt-never married
Lawrence Hurt-died a young child

Virgil Edmond Hurt was born June 19, 1892 in Davidson County Tennessee. On September 26, 1919 he married Anna Jessie Naomi Blazer. She was called Naomi and she was the daughter of James Blazer and Sarah Young Blazer. She was born March 19,1903 in Williamson County Tennessee. She died May 24, 1963 at her home in Hermitage.

Virgil died January 14, 1988 in Hermitage Tennessee. Both are buried in Clements Cemetery in Hermitage Tennessee. They had 10 children (one was stillborn). These are my grandparents. They had 10 children, 25 grandchildren, around 65 great grandchildren and 1 or 2 great-great grandchildren and still counting.

Virgil and Naomi Hurt’s Children

Ruth Lee Hurt (b 1920)-never married
Harold Hurt (b 1921)-died as a child
James Edmond Hurt (1923-1995)-m-Edna Ruth McCord
Mary Katherine Hurt (b 1925)-m-Charlie Thompson
*Chester Blazer Hurt (1926-1994)-m

Chester Blazer Hurt was born August 31, 1926, in Nashville, Davidson County, TN. On July 16, 1952, he married Joyce Ann Hall. She was the daughter of Dennis Lee Hall and Hattie Overstreet Hall and was born August 2, 1934, in Nashville, TN. Chester died March 5, 1994 and Joyce died May 23, 1997. Both are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Nashville. They had 5 children and 14 grandchildren.

Chester and Joyce Hurt’s Children

Deborah Denise Hurt (1953-) m. Earl Woodbright
Dollie Sue Hurt (1955-) m. Harry James Blazek, Jr.
David Lawrence Hurt (1957-) m. Betty Lou Hooser
Donna Elaine Hurt (1960-) m. John Michael Gilmore
Dennis Lee Hurt (1968-) m. Michelle Allen

Dollie Sue Hurt was born April 13, 1955 in Nashville, TN. On September 22, 1979, she married Harry James Blazek, Jr., born March 1, 1947 in Nashville, to Harry James Blazek, Sr., and Doris McGinnis.

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