John George Furster, son of Hans, was born in 1759 in Holland, and died 1821. He married Agnes Snyder/Schneider. She died October 1821. The Fursts settled in Northumberland County and then moved in 1797 to the Nittany Valley.


John was born in 1759 in Holland.


  1. John Furst, born August 18, 1785; died April 14, 1859.
  2. George Furst, born 1780. He married (1) Unidentified Graefbaum. He married (2) Rachel Snyder. Rachel Snyder was George’s first cousin (his mother’s niece). George and Rachel moved to Freeport, Illinois in 1838. Children of George Furst and Unidentified Graefbaum are: William Furst and Elizabeth Furst. Children of George Furst and Rachel Snyder are: Christopher Furst (who married his first cousin Sarah Heller); Samuel Furst; Cornelius Furst; David Furst (was shot); Darius Furst (drowned); Catharine Furst; Lydia Furst.
  3. Thomas Furster, born 1790. He alone kept the “er” at the end of the surname.
  4. Samuel Furst, born 1793.
  5. Elizabeth Furst. She married George Heller.
  6. Annie Furst. She married Unidentified Kirk.
  7. Unidentified Furst. She married La Rue and moved to Ohio.

Source: Genealogy of the George Shuman Family, p. 49-50.


Floyd’s Annals of N/U Co shows him as the son of Conrad Furst (1724).

They lived in Snyder County, PA.

Johann George and Agnes were sponsors for the birth of Maria Schneider, 4 Aug 1781, dau of Casper Schneider and wf Elisabeth (relatives of Johann George’s wife Angenes Schneider); and also for Johannes Schaeffer born to Johannes and Mag Schaeffer, 1 Aug 1785/11 Sep 1785. This means he was probably related in some way to George Furst b 1759 and his wife Barbara Schaeffer; George’s parents unknown.

Since Conrad Furst was the sponsor of Johann George’s first child, Johannes, then Johann George must have been the son of Conrad, not Hans.
This may be the same Johan George as Johann George b 1750-1755, shown as a son of Hans Furst, Conrad’s brother.

They sold land to Henry Martin on 17 May 1800, per N/U Co Deed Book L, p 237.


1821 in Pennsylvania.