Furst Family

Furst Family of Bellefonte, PA, circa 1925. Standing, left to right: William Sanderson Furst, Walter “Bud” Benedict Furst, John “Jack” Shuman Furst. Front row: Walter “Buddy” Whittier Furst, Caroline Watson Chamberlin Furst.

About the Name

Furst is a nickname from Old High German furisto ‘the first’, ‘most noble one’, and a cognate of Old English fyrest ‘first’, ‘foremost’.

Fürst is a title which is held by the sovereign ruler of a principality or the head of a noble family. The (non-reigning) descendants of a reigning sovereign prince or Fürst, monarch, hold the title of Prinz (prince) or Prinzessin (princess).

My Line

Hans Furster
..John George Furst (1759-1821)
….John Furst (1785-1859)
……Austin Owen Furst (1834-1906)
…….James Chamberlin Furst (1882-1968)
………Ellwood Harrar Furst (1917-2002)


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