Frank L. Fay & Family with Car

Frank L. Fay & Family with Car, ca. 1909. Left to right, back row: unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; Frank Wells Fay; Sarah Marie Wells Fay; unidentified. Front row: unidentified; unidentified; Helen Agnes Fay; James Page Fay; Frank L. Fay.

My line of Fays emigrated from Ireland around 1848 or so and settled first in New York, then later in Ohio and later Greenville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

My Line

Christopher Fay (1805-1862) m. Anne Dardis
…Patrick S. Fay (1848-1912) m. Mary B. Murray (1850-1914)
……Frank L. Fay (1869-1946) m. Marie Wells (1871-1947)
………Frank Wells Fay (1904-1965) m. Katherine Harris (1908-1990)


Agnes Jane Fay (1874-1919)
Christopher Fay (1805-1862)
Florence Louise Fay (1908-1998)
Frank Wells Fay (1904-1965)
Frank L. Fay (1869-1946)
Gertrude Fay (1880-1955)
James Page Fay (1905-1979)
Mary B. Murray Cavanaugh Fay (1850-1914)
Patrick Cavanaugh (1844-1874)
Nellie Fay (1873-1931)
Patrick Fay (1848-1912)

Other Fay Info

Fays in New York
Fays in Ohio
Other Mary Fays in Cleveland, Ohio
Other Patrick Fays

Mystery Photos

Mystery photo of a woman, possible a Fay

The Fays in Greenville, PA,

The story of the Fays in Greenville is really the story of Frank L. Fay. Born July 18, 1869, in Cleveland, Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Frank was the stepson of Patrick Fay and son of Mary Murray, both Irish immigrants. He married Sarah Marie Wells of Buffalo, New York, on August 12, 1896. They had four children: Helen, Frank Wells, James Page, and Florence L. In 1903, he moved to Greenville, PA (Mercer County), and established the Greenville Steel Car Company. In 1925, he retired from the company and was elected to the state senate for two terms where he was instrumental in pushing through legislation to create the Pymatuning Dam. In 1940, he was elected president of the board of trustees of Thiel College in Greenville, where he helped construct a dormitory. He is remembered as a charismatic man with a keen sense of humor.

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