John Chamberlin (1797-1858) of Union County, Pennsylvania, was the son of William Chamberlin and Ann Mary Kemble. He is not in my direct line but I had some info on him so I included it here.


John was born February 08, 1797 in Whitedeer Township in Union County, Pennsylvania.


On February 02, 1826, John married Elizabeth Hayes (October 13, 1806 – November 7, 1883) daughter of William Hayes and Mary Wilson.


William Hayes Chamberlin, b. March 14, 1828; d. August 11, 1876; m. Emily Beaver, January 01, 1863.

Mary Elizabeth Chamberlin, b. July 21, 1829; d. July 26, 1846.

John Wesley Chamberlin, b. May 20, 1832; d. April 07, 1902.

Robert Chamberlin, b. August 31, 1834.

James Chamberlin, b. June 27, 1836, Whitedeer Twp, Union Co., PA; d. July 26, 1909.

Thomas Chamberlin, b. March 18, 1838, Lewisburg, PA; d. February 22, 1917; m. Frances English, October 25, 1870.

Sarah Emily Chamberlin, b. April 08, 1840.

Samuel Wilson Chamberlin, b. Abt. 1842; d. July 27, 1844.

Carolina Hayes Chamberlin, b. 1845; d. June 18, 1912.


The father of John Chamberlin died when John was 20 years old and he and his half brother, Aaron, were listed as two of the Executors of his father’s will filed August 30, 1817. Also, Aaron and John were designated by their father to operate the mills and plantations and be responsible for the seventeen lots, two with rental buildings in Lewisburg, Pa. and all other properties until the youngest of Col. William’s children, Moses Chamberlin would come of age at which time all properties were to be sold and divided among the heirs according to the will. On February 2, 1826, John Chamberlin married Elizabeth Hayes, daughter of William and Mary (Wilson) Hayes. Rev. T. Hood performed the ceremony as listed in “Annals of Buffalo Valley,”, p. 490. About 1850 a large building was erected in Lewisburg at 5th and Market Streets by the Chamberlin brothers, and it was the largest and finest building in that section of the country according to a Lewisburg, Pa. newspaper. John Chamberlin died on April 18, 1858 at the age of 61. His mother, Mary Kemble Chamberlin died in March 1859, aged 89 years. John’s wife, Elizabeth Hayes Chamberlin was born Oct 13, 1806 and died Nov 7, 1883.


John died April 18, 1858 in Lewisburg, PA.