John’s parents, Henry Chamberlain and Ann West, died when he was young. He was brought up with his grandmother, Elizabeth West.


Born on December 17, 1688, in New Jersey, and baptized at Shrewsbury, NJ, on January 29, 1689.


About 1710, John married Rebecca Morris, daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Almy Morris of Passage Point, NJ.


  1. Lewis Chamberlain, born 1712; died 03 May 1772 in Hunterdon, New Jersey. (Lewis continues my direct line of Chamberlins.)
  2. Philena Chamberlain
  3. John Chamberlain, settled in Hunterdon County, NJ
  4. Richard Chamberlain, settled in Middlesex County, NJ
  5. Henry Chamberlain, born about 1725
  6. Joseph Chamberlain, born about 1732


From the Chamberlain notes in my collection:

On January 15, 1691, the will of Ann Chamberlain, widow, was filed for probate, naming her son, John Chamberlain, then an infant, her mother whom she wishes to have her son live with and her brothers and sisters. Showing in the distribution of her personal estate that she had no other children than her son John, who when he became of age in 1709, sold land in the Passaquenecqua Purchase that had been his father’s.

In 1709, John sold fifty acres of land in the Passaquenecqua Purchase, that had been his father’s and at this time called himself a single man and son of Henry Chamberlain deceased. He was active in the affairs of the early settlement and is believed to have been the found of the Chamberlain family in Monmouth County, New Jersey. He died at his home in Deal and was buried there September 9, 1735. Administration of his estate was granted his widow, Rebecca Morris Chamberlain, November 27, 1739, her brother John Morris going upon her bond. The signature of John Chamberlain and his sons all show unusually fine penmanship.


Died in Deal in 1735.


September 9, 1735 in Deal, Monmouth County, NJ.