Henry Chamberlain was the son of John and Ann Brown Chamberlain and father to John Chamberlain of my direct line.


Henry was born on February 3, 1659, in Boston, Massachusetts.


Henry married Ann West in New Jersey, about 1682. She was born in Rhode Island in 1662 and died in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, on January 1691. She was the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Borden West.


The couple had only one child: John, born in New Jersey on December 17, 1688, about ten months after his father’s death. Sadly, Ann died when her son was around three years old.



“On March 20, 1680, Henry Chamberlain, calling himself the eldest son of John Chamberlain deceased, of Rhode Island, sold all his interest in his father’s estate and removed to Manasquan (Shrewsbury, New Jersey).” – From the Chamberlain manuscript in my file.


Henry died in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, in February 1688, only 28 years old.


“On February 14, 1688, Ann Chamberlain, widow of Henry Chamberlain, of Manasquan, filed an inventory of her husband’s estate and was named adminstratrix. Her brother, Joseph West, going on the bond with her.