Henry Chamberlain is the earliest Chamberlin I am aware of. He was the immigrant ancestor to America and founder of our line here. His father is unknown. His mother’s first name was Christina.


1592 around Hingham, Norfolk County, England.


1615 to Jane Freeman


  • Susan Chamberlain, born about 1616 in England; married Joseph Carter in 1643; died after October 1696 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  • Henry Chamberlain, born about 1616 in England; married Sarah Jones; died December 3, 1678, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
  • William Chamberlain, born about 1623 in England; died October 22, 1678, in Suffolk, Massachusetts.
  • Daniel Chamberlain, baptized May 15, 1632; died May 19, England.
  • Mary Chamberlain, baptized May 15, 1632; died May 25, England.
  • John Chamberlain, baptized November 15, 1633.
  • Ursula Chamberlain, born about 1634 in England; married John Cole.
  • Faith Chamberlain, born about 1636 in England; married Edward Patterson; died January 30, 1710, in Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey.


Henry sailed to America from Ipswich aboard the ship Diligent, arriving in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on August 10, 1638.


This is an excerpt from a Chamberlain family history I have in my papers, possibly written by James C. Furst.

Henry Chamberlain, ancestor of this family in New England, was born in the vicinity of Hingham, Norfolk County, England, and sailed from Ipswich in the ship Diligent, arriving at Charlestown, Massachusetts, on August 10, 1638. Coming with the company largely under the leadership of Reverend Robert Peck from the parish of St. Andrew, county Norfolk.

He was accompanied to New England by his mother, widow Christine Chamberlain, who died at Hull, April 19, 1659, aged eighty-one years. Henry Chamberlain received land in Hingham, granted by the town but sold this February 4, 1660, and in his will dated December 8, 1673, and proved July 29, 1674, he called himself “Henry Chamberlain sometime of Hingham but now of Hull in the county of Suffolk, New England” and mentions his loving wife Jane, eldest son Henry, John William and daughters Susan, Ursula Cole, and Faith Patterson, grandson John Chamberlain. He named his sons Henry and William executors of his will, and on March 3, 1675, the widow Jane Chamberlain joined her sons in a deed for land and house in Hingham which they sold to Thomas Sawyer on this date.


15 Jul 1674 in Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts.