1663 - William Blomberg, detail

1663 – William Blomberg, detail


1872 in Cincinnati, Ohio


William married Lillian D. Morecraft on 15 Oct 1896, in Hamilton, Ohio.


The couple had one daughter: Catherine Cornelia Blomberg.


William Blomberg was my uncle – my mother’s older – and favorite – brother. He was handsome, charming, full of fun. I admit I didn’t know him well, since he lived in New York. He was very musical – played the flute – and played in theater orchestra, I think for pleasure, not for a job. I don’t know what he did but if he worked for the decal firm, I suppose that is why he was in New York City as their representative. The firm was owned by the Palm Brothers in Cincinnati. Will’s wife, Lillian had (I was told) a lovely singing voice and that I guess is how they met – both being musical. My mother although some years younger, played the piano and was included in their group because she was a good accompanist. She was very close to both Will and Lillian, and visited Cornelia also.

Written by Katherine LeBlond Farquhar in September 2000


1945 in California