Jacob Wilhelm Blomberg (perhaps called Wilhelm) was born in Faaborg, Denmark on June 23, 1801, to parents whose names I have not yet identified. (I do know that the mother died in 1810 and the father died in Copenhagen on November 2, 1825 at the age of 52.)

Other siblings were Georg Christoph, was born in Rendsburg on January 13, 1805, and David Heinrich Theodor, called Theodor, was born on January 22, 1807. The latter two boys survived childhood, but both died when they were about twenty years old, the first dying on March 9, 1826, the second on June 6, 1827. I haven’t found a record of how they died. The fourth son, Heinrich Nicolaus, was born on November 19, 1809.

Jacob Wilhelm Blomberg may have spent his early years in Rendsburg. At 16 he joined the Prince Carl Frid. Regimental Band in Copenhagen. He probably left after the death of his son Carl Wilhelm Theodore in August 1827. The musical leader was August Hildebrand who also died in 1827.

He married his Danish wife, Caroline Jensine Elizabeth Eckhaussen, on September 15, 1826. Caroline and Wilhelm had two sons: Carl Wilhelm Theodor, born July 3, 1827, and died just seven weeks later, on August 21, 1827; and Wilhelm Clement Theodor, born September 27, 1829, and died August 21, 1909, in Cincinnati. They had a third son, Wilhelm Heinrich Emil, born September 18, 1837, who died when he was almost two years old of drainage and water in the head.

Jacob Wilhelm Blomberg died in June, 1853 in Faaborg, Denmark. His wife died nine years later on May 19, 1862, also in Faaborg.